Sorry Is A Bandage

You’d never hit me

You’d never make me bleed

But your words cut like a knife

Baby why can’t you see

Sorry is only a bandage

You use to patch the slash

With your next word you rip it off

Baby your intentions clash

Infection is setting in

My heart filled with disease

Stop the angry words

Baby I’m begging you, please

If only you could see

The pain is tearing a hole

The fear, the hate

It’s becoming part of my soul

I love you so much

But you push me away

With every nasty word

You send slamming my way

What do you resent

Do you love me anymore

Why do you try to hurt me

Why are you pushing me out the door

Is it me, is it you

I don’t really know

What makes you so angry

Baby I love you so

One minute we’re happy

The next I could cry

The though of not having you

Makes me want to die

But how much can I take

My breaking point is near

The cuts get deeper

Baby it’s you I fear

Don’t deny me your love

And give me your hate

We’re destined for each other

Baby it was fate


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