My Invisible Scars

My Invisible Scars, November 1, 2010

You made me promise not to tell

All the time you put me through hell

Made me feel like it was my fault

Made me ashamed that I didn’t make it halt

What about your promises broken

Some aloud and some unspoken

To love and protect me and keep me from harm

It seems everyone was blinded by your charm

But I know the truth behind your lies

I see the sinister in your eyes

You I love and you I hate

To others I can no longer relate

Torn asunder, my soul battered

My scars invisible, like I never mattered



  1. Really nice poem. I would like to feature this poem on my blog. It’s a once a month feature called Poetic License. September was the first month and I am looking to fill my January post. November and December are already filled.

    My blog has an unconventional name so you might decide against having me feature it and I understand. Either way could you let me know. I feature seven poets every month plus one from myself. Feel free to check out September or October’s post first before you decide. Of course you will get credit and a link back to your site. Thanks.

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