Early Poetry

  • Disappointment, March 1, 1992

My mind went blank, my head spinning
All I knew, I wasn’t winning
I felt like dying when they said those cruel words
I guess the don’t know just how much it hurts
They told me they were proud and I looked beautiful
I should have known it wouldn’t be suitable
I’ll never forget the disappointment I felt
They weren’t proud, I wanted to melt
  • My Day in the Sun, February 26, 1993

My day to triumph shall come
People will care a bit more than some
A love I shall meet
People to greet
A life that I live
Gifts that I give
My glory will shine through
For I can do whatever I set my mind to
  • A Walk In The Sun, March 17, 1995

As I walked in the sun
The wind blew my hair undone
They sky was so blue, the grass was so green
The beautiful weather was like a dream
But none of it could I enjoy
For he played me like a toy
He hurt me so bad
I wanted to get mad
Never again will I have any fun
As I walk in the sun

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