Project hate myself less–days 3 and 4

So yesterday was a toss up.  We had a reasonably busy day at the shop.  There was a major cancellation due to a client with the flu, but I was able to fill three of the four vacated slots.  Then, I managed to fill today (Saturday) for both my partner and employee.  I had managed to have a talk with my partner and tried to explain my precarious state of mind.  She half listened, half tried to say she was going through it too.  I was insistent.  I explained our weekend plans and that I would be completely unreachable until Sunday evening.  She panicked at that, but I held my ground.  I felt pretty good about all of that.  Until…toward the end of the day, our employee called off for Saturday.  I won’t get into all of the issues with this here, but I now I have to start tracking her call offs because this is becoming a habit.  My partner could not handle all the scheduled clients herself, so I was stuck rescheduling several people, fingers crossed that they didn’t cancel altogether. I did not cave, though, and cancel my family’s weekend plan. After getting home, my husband tried to rush me around, but I did my rushing the day before.
As soon as we got to our cabin, I felt like this immense weight had been lifted.  That feeling remains today.  It’s another world away from phones and internet.  I can’t even post this until I get home.  The freedom from everyone and their problems feels amazing.


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