New Job

I got a new job and started training this week.  I am really excited about it.  I had a lot of trouble focusing and filling out the forms though.  From what I understand this can be common with bipolar disorder.  But I got it done, had a fantastic interview, and had my first day of training.  The best part of this job…I can do it mostly from home so I can still be with my kids.  I’m going to be an on-call supervisor.  I will have a pager, cell phone, and laptop.  I will handle any call offs and shift adjustments as well as any emergencies that come up over the weekends.

Other good news…the dance recital is over and I survived.  My kids did a terrific job on stage and had a great time.  My daughter was notified that she was accepted into the company at her dance school as well.  This means more classes and competitions, but she is thrilled.  She worked hard for it and I’m so proud of her.

The kids have also started horseback riding lessons.  They’ve had two lessons so far and they are having a blast.  They got to trot today.  My son had a look of pure joy on his face.  I was a little put off by the teacher today though, when she refered to my son as mentally handicap.  He does have a short attention span and a lack of maturity, but he is as intelligent or more so than other kids his age.  He has a slight developmental delay due to a hearing loss at 6 months.  His hearing, however, was corrected at 13 months and he has caught up to other kids his age in most areas.  This kind of ticked me off, but I did let it slide because she handles him well and I like that.

Anyway…my hubby just brought me some ice cream and we have a night alone without the kids.  So I’m off to enjoy a little grown up time.


I’m In A Mood

I’ve been in a mood all day and so for my own amusement and to vent my spleen a bit I came up with a list of qualities that should be eradicated from the gene pool.  Most people who possess these genes and are dominated by these genes are just taking up space anyway.

1.  People who talk just to hear the sound of their own voice.

2.  People who insist on talking to you even though you have a book, magazine, or newspaper in your hand and have been trying to concentrate on it for more than last 30 seconds of silence they gave you.

3.  People who are unappreciative of others and the things they do for them.

4.  People who apparently hit their dog so much that when you raise a hand to push your hair out of your face the dog flinches away.

5.  People caught up in their own sense of self-importance that they fail to see that they are not “all that.”

6.  People who allow others to raise their children 80% of the time who love to tell others how to discipline theirs.

7.  People who think I should be able to drop everything and sit on the telephone for an hour because they feel like talking.

8.  People who leave their 4 year old at a dance studio while their 8 year old is in class and expect the 8 year old to be responsible for that child.

9.  People who have no sense of humor.

10.  People who think someone else should take care of their responsibilities for them.

11.  People who whine and complain and never do anything to resolve the situation.

I’d better stop before the only people left are children and we abuse survivors who struggle every day to get out of bed and maintain a normal life.  Or maybe I shouldn’t.  Feel free to add to the list.  Unfortunately, the majority of these characteristics come from one person (whom I love dearly) but really got under my skin today.  And it wasn’t even my husband. 🙂

I’ve Had My Blog Buddies On My Mind

I ran out of my Lithium last week and the doctor’s office didn’t call it in until two days ago.  I didn’t pick it up until yesterday.  I’ve been on the roller coaster, but I think I’ve managed to ride it out pretty well.

School is finally out and dance is nearly finished.  The recital is this weekend and then we only have summer classes to deal with and they’re only twice a week.  We also started horseback riding lessons for both kids this week.  They loved it!  Of course, that’s another trip for me, but what the hell.  How many trips around the sun are we gonna get anyway?  Might as well make the most of every  minute…at least for my kids.

It’s so hot here.  I suffered some minor heat exhaustion on Memorial day and again today as it hit close to 100 both days.  My back has a slight sunburn, nothing too terrible.

I can see that I’m rambling, so I will take that as my cue to shut up now.  I was just posting to let everyone know that things are status quo here.  I hope everyone is well.  I’ve been thinking about you all.